BTU Lab Makerspace – Univ. of Colorado

We are the BTU Lab, and we Blow Things Up. Srsly. The BTU Lab is a place for experimentation and hacking. We make science fiction science fact and vice versa.

We are located in the ATLAS building, Room 113.

The BTU Lab wears three hats: A student hackerspace, a residency for ATLAS graduate student desks, and at times, a classroom. The lab operates within the ATLAS Institute, but lab membership is open to individuals from all fields of study.

The BTU Lab is open to individuals from all fields of study. We are inclusive and love to share knowledge as an open source space. The BTU Lab is run and driven by the lab members. We host workshops, Open Hack Nights, and communal projects. Our projects might be fiber based, electrical, robotic, or a combination of all. Members of this lab might be doing homework, working on research, starting a company, or imagining the future. We are a community, not a tool check out.

Open Classes:
Though on the University of Colorado Campus (Boulder), the BTU Lab is open to the public. See website for application instructions and deadlines.

University of Colorado, Boulder Campus
1125 18th St Room 113
Boulder, CO 80309

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