Touring factories and facilities since 2014


NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology). Our tours guides shared with us the inner and outer working on the atomic clock and current researched happening at the lab.


Never Summer Snowboards.  This was a wild ride into the art and science of handmade snowboards.


USGS Ice Core Lab.  Geological data lives in ice and we learned of the adventures and science of collecting, storing and analyzing ice core samples.


NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration). We learned from space weather forecasters and the challenges facing the planet from outside influences.


Sphero. From this creator of BB-8, we learned the history of this educational toy company and their creations.


The Fleece Factory. This wool processing facility and farm shared their shop with us…everything from the animal to spun yarn to finished products all made on-site.


Schacht Spindle. Spinning wheels and weaving looms fill this jam packed shop.  We saw the process from start to finish.


Far Away Creations. Maker Cal showed us the process for creating vacuum formed replica items for practical effects.


Epilog Laser.  The maker of laser cutting machines opened their shop and showed us where and how they assemble their popular machines.


Fort Collins Senior Center Makerspace.    You heard that right.  The Fort Collins Senior Center has a makerspace and we got to tour it.  The shop has woodworking and jewelry making supplies and other machinery with plenty of room for classes and individuals to work.

Denver Area Factory Tours is currently on hiatus due to social distancing requirements. We plan to come out of the gate with some really great tours as soon as we can.

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