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I am an Artist, a Creative and the Maker of ….

Custom fashion, 80s space jazzercise/workout videos and the author of “100 things” and “The Mind which exists

Akiala Makes Retro 80s Futuristic Workout Videos
What inspires you to create?

What inspires me is my community. There are a lot of extremely talented people in the Denver community that have supported me, inspired me and I’ve collaborated with.

I am also inspired by the futuristic and cheesy 80s and those that aren’t afraid to dream very big! Gene Roddenberry, the creator of Star Trek has been one of the greatest influences in my life as well as Walt Disney and my mother. They all taught me to create my own reality and have fun building worlds.

Being home schooled in middle school helped me have time to focus and develop my passion for fashion designing and sewing. My son inspired me to write my books and explore the wonderful world of videography and editing.

What are some ways you share your skills and passion with others?

Some of the ways I share my skills and passions with others is creating 80s, space workout videos, “Aki & The Virtuals”, that are designed to help people feel silly, confident and ready for human evolution. The workout videos are posted to YouTube and occasionally I host a live “Aki & the Virtuals Werkout” where people can physically participate and interact.

I also share through my books and incorporate life lessons I’ve picked up along the way.

Another way I love to share my skills is through fashion including custom pieces for people wanting to express their more artistic side. I am also extremely passionate about helping people expand their concepts and through graphic design, web design and content creation, allowing their concept to come into fruition.

What are some of the things people can learn from you virtually, through online classes, services or other content?
  • My books, on spirituality and life learnings, are available for purchase on Amazon:
  • I am available for hire for video production. I write narratives, create storyboards, direct and edit. I film my works and have filmed for others. I have made commercials for events and local businesses.
  • Fun dancing! …and how to transform stagnant energy in the body to circulative and vibrant energy
  • Fashion and styling tips

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Akiala Makes Retro TV Commercial Videos

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