Have a Broken Item?

The Denver U-Fix-It clinic was born out the the Boulder U-Fix-It clinic and a global Ifixit community that helps owners take charge of their item’s maintenance and repair.  The events are free and hosted by volunteer coaches who provide guidance on how you can make your own repairs.  Historically, 60% of the items brought in are repairable and we help you find out if yours is!


Step 1: Take Apart

A good first step of trying to fix something is to take it apart and see how it works.  Our coaches will ask you questions before starting on your adventure in DIY maintenance and guide you in fixing your own item.


Step 2: Troubleshoot

This is a magic of asking questions, trying new angles and identifying where your item went wrong.  You may find a broken part or something that might just need cleaning.


Step 3: Does it Work?!

Once you discover what went awry, it’s time to put your item back together and test it out. Though results may vary, you have now learned how your item operates and have the knowledge to keep it working the next time something may happen.

Want to become a Volunteer Coach?!

Our volunteer coaches are passionate about helping people and teaching repair skills to others.  Events occur approximately every 2 months or more frequently depending on the virtual clinic event schedules.  Due to social distancing requirements we are only recruiting for virtual events at this time. Contact us to learn more!

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