HeboCon - A Scrappy Robot Building Contest

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Choose Your Parts!

Builders choose their parts from the “Junk Yard”.  Builders are free to use any part in the manner they wish to customize their bot into their own vision.

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Build Your Bot!

Builders take their parts back to the “Pit Area” and construct!  If they need hot glue, additional parts or fasteners or a little bit of advice from our coaches, “The Garage” is available!

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Sumo in the Arena!

Builders can choose to sumo in the HeboDrome, a 4ft Arena where bots who make it further past the center line or knock off the other bot will win.  All winners choose a prize!

600+ Builders | 200+ Sumo Contests | Infinite Family Fun

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Volunteers Will and Karen take to the white board to sign up builders and their bots.  Sumo matches happen all day long at our 2 day event held within Rocky Mountain STEAM Fest.

We see builders of all ages participate with us to create a scrappy robot, then test, and sumo, then test again, rinse and repeat!  All the while learning about mechanisms, basic propulsion, gravity as your friend, and more!

500+ pounds of broken toys, hot glue, motors, batteries and 20+ volunteers make this event happen each year.  We are currently on hiatus due to social distancing requirements and in development are additional fun Hebocon activities. Stay Tuned!

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