Our Multi-Maker Marketplace

What is it?

Our Multi-Maker Marketplace is an online e-commerce website showcasing Colorado Makers and their creations.  Each maker seller member lists their products, workshop and/or services in their online Maker Shop. When a customer purchases an item, they directly support a Colorado Maker!

Why is this important?

We created an opportunity for Makers, Artists and Diyers to make an income that could sustain their small business or support their next project.  Many marketplaces, online and in-person, do not accept maker crafts and products without a large upfront cost or a certain ‘aesthetic’. Our nonprofit makes it easy for a maker to get started with selling their creations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can become a seller on the multi-maker marketplace?

The marketplace is currently in a pilot/beta phase and open to founding members of [ i am a maker ].  If you would like to become a maker seller of products, workshops or services, please send an email to say hello!

Are all the products sold on the marketplace handmade?

The marketplace is intended to showcase the creations of many types of makers.  This could include handmade items as well as original art, electronics kits, software, digital downloads, curriculum, workshops, design services and business services.

What are the minimum technical requirements to become a seller?

All maker sellers need to have access to a computer with internet access, be able to print, and familiarity with navigating typical software applications and websites.  Additionally, all maker sellers need to open (or already have) a PayPal account in order to sell on the marketplace.  This typically requires a bank account or a credit card.

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