[ i am a maker ]

Membership Agreement  

— Members affirm their commitment to the mission and values of [ i am a maker ] with the purpose of participation within a creative community of makers, artists and DiYers.

— Members understand that [ i am a maker ] is an organization based on cooperation and collaboration among its individual and organizational members.

— Member organizations are encouraged to use the fact of their membership in [ i am a maker ] for identification and promotional purposes. Members shall not state or imply that such membership constitutes endorsement of any policies or actions without the express approval by the [ i am a maker ] Board of Directors.

— Members acknowledge that views they may express do not necessarily reflect the views of [ i am a maker ] and its Board and [ i am a maker ] does not engage in lobbying activities.

— [ i am a maker ] does not share contact information for individual members and does not sell or exchange mailing lists with other organizations. Unless instructed otherwise, [ i am a maker ] does acknowledge individual members on our website with a [ maker ] portfolio on iamamaker.com. 

— [ i am a maker ] affirms its right to terminate membership agreement, in the Board’s determination, their purpose or actions are not consistent with or complementary to the mission and goals of [ i am a maker ].