Maker Membership

Become a supporting member of the community.

Multi-Maker Marketplace

Sell your items on the online marketplace.

Multi-Maker Marketplace

Sell your items on the online marketplace.

You [ make ] a difference!

The [ i am a maker ] member community offers individual makers in Colorado and makerspaces alike access to professional development opportunities and resources that facilitate the continuing creative growth of the greater maker community in our state.

Membership also provides [ maker ] sellers with access to our mighty online Multi [ maker ] Marketplace and individually branded storefronts, where [ maker ] sellers can securely promote and sell their maker goods, workshops and services.

And, as part of our basic membership package, every [ maker ] member receives – at no additional charge – our personalized support in building a professional online portfolio, which will be featured in our Multi [ maker ] Marketplace.

Finally, membership in the [ maker ] community creates opportunities for like-minded makers to connect and collaborate with others. We curate in-person and virtual classes and workshops and host events along the Front Range that introduce makers to a wide variety of skills and activities.

[ i am a maker ] has three great membership opportunities for individuals and organizations to become part of our [ maker ] community, featuring a variety of membership benefits at every level of engagement.

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